From Roy:

This is a failed plan of the governor's to bring in more revenue. This proposal if passed will actually put small businesses like mine out of business. This will drive cigar purchases to the internet there by costing the state the cigar tax it currently receives and losing sales tax to the on line purchases. This is a huge lose/lose for small business and the state of New York. Contact your elected officials and tell them NO to this proposal.

Oppose Governor Cuomo's 160% cigar tax hike

Link: Cigar Rights of America statement with links to contacts

Article: New York Looks At Raising Cigar Taxes

NY Assembly contacts

NY Senate contacts

Sample Letter

Sample letter that can be used to contact your local NYS Assembly Member or Senator... Please feel free to add more emphasis as needed:

Click here for a Word doc template of a sample letter

You can also share your thoughts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Letters to the editor of local newspapers will also help.